Friday, 5 October 2012

A Halloween Invitation

Hold on to your bedpans, the Halloween blog party is drawing near!
I have been invited by the delightful Vanessa Valencia to a spooky Halloween celebration to be held by bloggers across the world. Vanessa is an artist and sculptor based in Arizona, well known for the parties which she photographs for her blog. This year I've decided to join her in inviting you all to a Halloween party of my own.

Please come join us for a frighteningly fun Halloween party on Saturday 27th October, held at my place, Vanessa's, and the homes of many others including YOU if you so wish to participate!

Visit Vanessa's previous Halloween parties, which are on the left side bar of her blog, to see just how much fun they are, and I do so hope they'll inspire you to create your own or simply to check out our blog party posts on the day.
I look forward to spooking you then.....


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